Choice Issues for a Working Mother: Family or Career!!

Women now constitute 34% of the IT industry workforce. The female workforce participation though seems growing as compared to 21% in 2001 NASSCOM Figures, but this jump is not huge keeping in mind the graduated female population in India and the time period within which this growth was witnessed.

I don’t want to complicate this blog with formal figures and data but want to share the feeling. I am a working mom with a Kid. So far I have managed to get myself on the female labor numbers in the IT industry. It is really not an easy choice or should I say a management skill that is difficult to adapt to, but sooner or later you learn it and master it if you really don’t want to make a choice between being a mother and being a working professional.

These choice issues with females are scattered at different age groups and each age group has its own set of issues. Let me list out, what exactly we face:

Choice Issues for the Age Group – 23 to 30

In this age group, we are exposed to vast platforms to upskill ourselves, establish our identity and also adhere to the pressure of getting married from our parents. So this is really a magical time period where you experience a lot many things. You get to earn, you get to establish your identity and most importantly you get to be independent. Being Independent for a woman is very important in any stage of life. Making career choices in this age group is very important. We have a very limited set of guidance when it comes to choosing a profession but it is important that we figure it out as soon as possible.

For example, when I got an on-campus placement and was put to training I wasn’t really sure which skill am I going to pick. Luckily, I got a good section on VMware and Windows to work on which I really enjoyed. But this doesn’t happen with everyone and they ultimately face job frustration. So, the first few years are really good to explore the IT dimensions and opt for the one that suits you and you enjoy working!

Choice Issues for the Age Group 30 & beyond

Now, when we reach here most of us are already married or have a kid or two. This phase becomes a bit more difficult where you are not just focused on the skillset that you need to opt-in in order to make a professional choice but to manage your personal and professional life. A balance between both is really important, else you end up giving up on one of them.

We really face a choice issue when we have a baby and we really can’t afford to send the kid to daycare because you will be working 9 hrs in your office and your kid can’t stay that long in the daycare. It is not good for babies as well because they end up having no routine or no parental love. I faced the same dilemma but so far it has worked out because I got the option to work from home. I know, working from home is equally difficult or should I say more difficult because you need to pay attention not just on your job but on many fronts.

Choice Issues
Family or Career/ Both!!

If I tell you my honest experience, It is really not difficult. You just need to follow the routine and you can enjoy your personal and professional life equally without any sacrifices. For me, I have divided my days into sections. For example:

  • Get up early in the morning
  • Get the cooking done (if you love cooking by yourself)
  • Focus on your health as well
  • Do some blogging
  • Once your baby is awake spend time with him/her, play around
  • When your shift starts , focus on your work
  • Take break in between, play with your kid and cook (if you love cooking by yourself)
  • Finish your work on time and enjoy time with family

Now, you can definitely take the help of house helpers with good management to do house chores. This way you are left with more time to enjoy with your family and delivery good product to your project as well. Believe me, once I had organized myself, I could upskill myself and deliver good value adds to my clients which was really appreciated.

So it really poises down to organization. Once that is fueled with willpower there is nothing IMPOSSIBLE for women to do.

Kudos to us!!

Stay tuned for the next blog that ventures on professional fields that we can conquer!!

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