Meditation: Mental Health for Mom

As a working mother, the first that should start your day is Meditation. Mental Health for a working or non-working Mom is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to balance out everything other things that happen in a day.

So why are we talking about Mental Health today? In our last blog, we started off with a discussion on choice issues a working mom face. To conclude whether it is a sacrifice or a WIN-WIN situation, this article is about how can we make this choice as a WIN-WIN. This involves a lot of micromanagement. So, to begin with, we will talk about Meditation in this blog.

Why Meditation?

Your day should always start with Meditation. As the saying goes “Health is wealth”, which is very apt. Meditation helps you relax your mind at the begging of the day before it indulges into the stream of information and management war throughout the day.

A 10-20 min of meditation helps you catch the rhythm of thoughts so that you can manage it for the rest of the day. It is not a process of shutting down your thought process. No, Never, not. You should never aim to shut down your thought, that is the birthplace of creativity. Your aim is to control it and not let it work against you, but for you.

Once your mind is at peace, you won’t feel frustrated while working on multiple fronts like managing jobs, house chores, kids, their education, etc.

What to Expect?

Meditation is not short-term magic but if you stick to it you will definitely see the result in long run. As you would have already heard it thousand times that practice makes a man perfect, so is Meditation. It is not a one-day, two-week, or a months job, you need to keep at it.

When you begin the meditation, you might face that your thoughts wander in between. But that would soon be regularized and you will be able to control your thoughts.

How Frequently should we meditate?

We should always make a practice meditating daily at least once. You can increase your frequency of meditation as you get comfortable with it. The best frequency is thrice a day:

  • Morning – Begin your day with Meditation
  • Evening – To rejuvinate your energy and mind
  • Night – Have a relaxing and soundful sleep

Where to begin?

Now, after reading the benefits of Meditation for a mother, you must be wondering where to start now. Here are a couple of places you can begin with:

1. HeadSpace


Headspace is an emerging app in the field of meditation. They really have good meditation series for all groups of people: beginner, intermediate, and pro. They have basic meditation in their free plan but if you opt for their paid version you can unlock a vast section on meditation methodology.

I had watched it the first time on Netflix and they had 8 video series, which were segregated topic-wise. It tackled issues like mind chattering, anxiety, stress, etc. Each of them had a different methodology to address different issues. And it was fun doing it. You might have tons of Meditation apps on the market that are free, but the best doesn’t come free.

It has been my personal experience of using HeadSpace, I have seen drastic changes in me. I could handle my lows well. If you have a doubt, you could always begin with the free version.

They have the following Pricing Plan:

Headspace Pricing Plane

2. Sadguru’s Isha Yoga

Sadhguru is not a typical Baba type who end up in one or the other scams. He is worth following. I have always watched his videos which are available for free on youtube to answer my doubts and work on myself.

I do not need to speak much about him. You can follow his Youtube Channel here.

They also have Android and IOS App to follow their Inner Engineering program and Meditation.

3. PodCast

Apple has the PodCast app that has tons of subjects you can explore. The Podcast does have Sadhguru’s speeches and a few more motivating and inspiring podcasts that you can follow.

I follow good one that you can start with:

PS: Meditation is for everyone. It has the best benefits for your mental health.

Keep your eye on our next blog, to know what is the next step in the management of your daily routine as a working mom. 🙂

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